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Qurbani With Haramain

Qurbani, or Udhiyah as it known in Arabic, is the word that describes the sacrifice of an animal to Allah.

  1. Qurbani performed with Haramain is a satisfaction of having the sacrifice carried out through a trusted source.
  2. Haramain will witness and aid the Qurbanis.
  3. Haramain will capture Videos & Images of the Qurbanis.
  4. Haramain will send all customers a receipt of payments.
  5. Haramain will send a confirmations to all customers when the Qurbanis has been carried out.
  6. Haramain will ensure the Animals are at the correct age for Qurbani.
  7. Haramain will ensure the Animals are in healthy states at the time of Qurbani.
  8. Haramain will ensure the Animals are sacrificed in Makkah Al Mukkarammah.
  9. Haramain will ensure the meat is distributed to the needy and not resold.
  10. Haramain will allow one group guide to supervise the Qurbani during the days of Hajj on behalf of their group.
  11. Haramain may under their discretion and the situation in the slaughter house at the time allow for the meat to be collected by locals who perform Qurbani with Haramain.


How is a Qurbani volume decided? Is it a cow or a sheep?

1 Sheep or Goat = 1 Qurbani
1 Cow = 7 Qurbanis (One Qurbani – 1/7th of the share)

Who needs to perform Qurbani?

According to most Muslims, Qurbani is obligatory upon every sane male/female that has wealth in excess to his/her needs. Normally those who are eligible to pay zakat have to give a Qurbani.

If I pay for Qurbani on behalf of someone else, will their name be called out at the time of the slaughter?

No, as Haramain is conducting thousands of Qurbanis for individuals around the world, this is practically not possible. It is also not necessary to give the name of the person, even if you are making a Qurbani on behalf of someone else. As long as you have made the intention that you are giving this Qurbani on behalf of a certain person that should be sufficient.

When should we give money for Qurbani during the days of Eid?

It is advisable to give the money as early as possible.
The time for offering the sacrifice during the Eid Period begins after the Eid prayer on Eid al-Adha and ends when the sun sets on the 13th of Dhu’l-Hijjah. So there are four days of sacrifice: the day of Eid al-Adha and the three days after it.

Do we need to give all the names of the people who are giving Qurbanis?

No, this is not necessary as long as you have made the intention that you are giving this Qurbani on behalf of a certain person.

How are your prices defined? – The prices appear to be more expensive than others?

Since Qurbani is an act of worship, then one has to offer the best. Therefore, Haramain adopts a high-quality standard when it comes to selecting the sacrificial animals. The standards cover health, weight, and age. Also, we would like our brothers and sisters to receive the best quality Qurbanis because the believer is asked to love for his brother/sister that which he/she loves for him/herself.

Can I visit the place where the Qurbani takes place as I will be in the country at that time?

It would be better if individuals did not visit, as on the day the Haramain on the ground are extremely busy with slaughtering the animals. Therefore, the Haramain will not have the capacity or time to host individuals except in the case of Hajj group leaders.